Where are your products made?

We manufacture our products and coat all of our PVD finishes at our factory in Sydney, Australia. We believe this is vital in ensuring you get the quality product that you are expecting when purchasing Brodware. Please note this is not applicable to our Neox Collection where products are imported to offer an affordable solution.

What are your products made from?

All of our fixtures are constructed from solid brass with the exception of our flush plates & heated rails which are made from stainless steel due to their necessity for internal components. Please note that some products, such as our sensor taps, may contain non-brass elements for functionality. Look under the ‘product details’ panel of any product page to see the material of your selected product.

How do I clean and maintain my Brodware fixtures?

The cleaning of our fixtures is dependent on the finish they have been treated with. Different finishes require their own cleaning instructions. You can read our cleaning and maintenance instructions here.

Can I use your product outdoors?

The brass materiality of our product means that all of our products are suitable for outdoor use. While all our products can be installed in an outdoor environment, we recommend specifying PVD or Organic finishes for this application as they are low maintenance. Please keep in mind that outdoor environments have a compounded effect on Organic finishes, so they will age differently to products that are installed indoors.

Where can I view your products on display?

We have a variety of distributors who display Brodware products throughout Australia. Please contact us for relevant locations closest to you.

Where can I view your catalogues?

All of the information provided in our catalogues can be found here on our website. If you would still like to receive one of our catalogues in digital or physical form, please contact us so we can arrange this for you. 

What is the expected lead time for Brodware products?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we make all of our special finish products to order in Sydney, Australia. This means that they incur longer lead-times in comparison to products which are pre-made and imported. We quote various lead times on our fixtures dependent on the selected finish.

What is the warranty on Brodware products?

Our products offer an industry-leading warranty of 20 years on residential use against manufacturing defects. We are so sure of the quality of our products that we offer this warranty across the structure, finish and cartridges, something that other competitors do not cover when looking at their warranty terms and conditions. You can read more about our warranty and what it covers here.


Can I get samples of your finishes?

We always recommend viewing the finish you have on a full-sized sample at one of our distributors to be sure of your selection before placing your order. If you would like a small, flat sample of the finish you have in mind, for mood boards or client meetings, please contact us with your selection so we can arrange for these to be sent to you.

What is PVD and how is it different to other finishes?

PVD is an advanced PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) hard coating technique involving the transfer of metallic material at an atomic level and are resistant to scratching, tarnishing, abrasion, corrosion and discolouration, offering a high level of hardness and setting the benchmark on wear resistance. Unlike powder coated and painted finishes, the colour in an InFinium PVD finish is molecularly bonded to the tap, becoming one with the metal itself. PVD finishes are approximately ten times more scratch-resistant than any other colour finishes. You can read more about inFinium PVD finishes here.

What is applied brass and how does it differ to the standard organic finishes?

Whilst a majority of our products are constructed from brass, some products require stainless steel or ABS materials to ensure optimal functionality.
Our standard organic finishes are created by polishing, brushing, rumbling or weathering the raw brass material of the product, however products which utilise different materials are unable to be treated in this way.
This means that we instead coat the base with a brass layer and then apply the organic treatments to that coating in the same way as our standard organic finishes. Unfortunately we are unable to include the Rumbled Brass Organic finish within this offering.

While we can offer these stainless steel and ABS products in this applied brass process, we cannot guarantee that these will meet the same level of durability that our standard organic finishes feature.

For this reason, we are unable to offer the same warranty on applied brass finishes due to issues that may arise with repeated use and lifetime-maintenance. Please note that this exclusion only applies to the finish itself, whereas the product will still feature our industry-leading warranty highlighted here. If you are looking for a cohesive finish across all of your fixtures including those of stainless steel construction, we recommend selecting from our PVD range to ensure consistency in colour and durability over a lifetime.

My tapware has changed colour since I installed it. How can I stop it?

If your Brodware fixture is changing its colour and producing high/low-lights overtime, this means you selected an organic finish when you placed your order. Brodware organic finishes are living finishes which means that they are manufactured to produce inconsistencies and these are a unique and frequently desired feature of their finishing process. You can strip the weathered coating through cleaning your fixture with Brasso, however we do not recommend doing this, especially on our Weathered Brass finish, as it removes the beautiful, unique colouring of the organic finish.

If you are in the initial stage of purchasing a Brodware product and do not want your fixture to change its colour overtime as described above, we recommend selecting from our PVD finishes as these offer a consistent, colour-fast finish which will remain the same as it was delivered throughout its lifetime.

Why can’t I select Powdercoat finishes on my selected product?

Currently, our powder-coated finishes (including white powdercoat) are exclusive to the Minim Collection.

Will my fixtures fade or change in color?

This is dependent on the selected finish. PVD finishes will keep a consistent colour throughout their lives, while organic finishes will age, change and patina overtime. Electroplate and Powdercoated finishes have the ability to fade and change appearance due to scratches and general wear and tear.

What finishes do you offer?

We offer over 40 finishes across PVD, Organic, Electroplate and Powdercoat on most of our products. Click here to view all of our finishes and understand the differences between them. You can see what finish is available for each product on its specific product page under the dropdown ‘Finish Options’.

Can I pay to have my other bathroom fixtures coated in the same finish as my Brodware products?

Unfortunately, we are unable to coat other brands’ products at our in-house coating facility due to logistical and warranty issues.


How do I place an order for your product?

As we do not sell direct to non-account holders, you’ll be able to order our products through any of our registered distributors. Please contact us for the details of your nearest distributor.

I have an ABN; can I buy direct?

Unfortunately, we do not sell direct to non-account holders and all orders have to be placed through our distributors. As a result of this, we also do not offer trade discounts.

Why can’t I see pricing for your products online?

As the manufacturer we supply our products directly to our distributors and so do not offer pricing online, with the exception of our spare parts store. We recommend that you contact your preferred stockist for exact and current pricing. We can offer recommended retail pricing, however this may not be reflective of the pricing you are quoted in store.

I do not live in Australia; how can I purchase your product?

We are able to supply directly for international orders, however there can be strict requirements in some areas which limit the accessibility of our products. Please contact us so we can discuss this with you.

Do you accept returns?

As our products are made to order all sales are non-refundable. We do not offer exchanges or refunds. We encourage customers to be absolutely sure of their order, including its finish & specifications prior to ordering. For all spare parts items ordered from our online store, we offer free returns on stocked parts for 30 days after the delivery date, with the exclusion of made-to-order parts, such as custom finished spindles.

Why are some products on your website available to purchase and others are not?

We only offer spare parts to be ordered online for accessibility and to ensure it is received quickly. All other products are available for purchase through our distributors.

Can I purchase your products online?

As we are the manufacturer, we do not sell direct to non-account holders with the exception of spare parts. Please visit your nearest distributor to view and purchase Brodware products.

Can I change my order once I have placed it?

As the manufacturing process begins as soon as the order is received, we are unable to make any changes to an order once it has been placed.  We encourage all our customers to be absolutely sure of their order, including its finish & specifications prior to ordering, as we do not offer exchanges or refunds.

I have a tight deadline but am waiting on a special finish order, is there a way I can start installation now?

We can provide internal, rough-in components to your installer within a few days of placing your order to ensure your project gets underway as soon as possible. Please discuss this service with your distributor when placing your order so that we can organise this for you.

Specifier & Distributor Information

I want to specify Brodware in an upcoming project, who can I speak to about this?

Please contact us on +61 1300 800 300 or by email at [email protected] so that we can advise the contact details of the sales representative in your area.

Do you offer project pricing to specifiers?

Yes, volume discounts are available on project orders of a large quantity. Please contact [email protected] with your selection and order quantity and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

Can I become a Brodware distributor?

Please contact us to see if you’re qualified to fill out an account application form and we’ll get back to you in regards to whether your application has been successful.


How long will my Brodware products last?

Despite offering a 20-year warranty, our fixtures should last upwards of 40 years/a lifetime with proper maintenance.

What does WELS mean and do I need it?

The Water Efficiency Labelling System (WELS) is a national, standard, star-rated system which allows consumers to compare the water-usage across products before committing to a purchase. The more stars a product has, the more water-efficient it is. We ensure that all of our products are consistently rated to this Australian standard and ordering a product which has WELS approval will mean you will receive a flow-controlled tap/shower. Instances where this isn’t needed are baths, pot fillers and bar taps.

Do your products have WELS and Watermark accreditation?

We ensure all of our fixtures are compliant with all Australian standards including WELS and Watermark before they are released to the market.


How do I install Brodware products?

Many of our products require specific and detailed installation to ensure that they perform and look as they were intended to. All product must be installed by a qualified plumber. We strongly encourage that the installer reads and understands the instructions provided before starting installation to minimise the risk of technical issues down the track. This is important for all ranges but particularly the case with our Yokato, Nanobar, Halo and Sensor collections. Installation instructions can be found and downloaded from each specific product page on the website under the ‘download files’ header. Please get in contact with our technical support team if there are any issues which arise during the installation of your product.

Who do I contact for a replacement part?

All of our spare parts are available to purchase online on our website. If there is a replacement part you would like to purchase which you cannot find online, please contact us so we can organise a custom order or direct you to a distributor who will be able to help you place a new order.

Can I install Brodware mixers so that the lever faces down?

Yes, we are able to customise our mixers so that their orientation is flipped and the lever is in a downward position. Discuss this with your distributor when ordering so that we can make the necessary adjustments when manufacturing your order. Please note that changing this build will mean that the fixing screw will be in a more visible position on the mixer.

Where can I find product specifications/dimensions?

PDF product specification files can be found on the product page of all of our products. Should you require additional files such as DWG, 3DS or RFA, please contact us so we can assist you with this request.

What should I do if there is an issue with my order or a problem with how my product is performing?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any issues with your Brodware products. To ensure a quick response from our customer service and technical support teams, we recommend sending an email to [email protected] with a detailed description and photographs of the issue so we can get onto rectifying the issue as soon as we are able.

How do I know which spindle suits my tap?

To see which spindle suits your tap you can view our  Spindle Part Number Guide. If you’re unsure of which tap set you own, please get in contact so we try to find a solution for you.


Where are you located?

Our factory and Head Office are located at 2 St James Place, Seven Hills, NSW. Please note that we do not have any products on display at this location. Please head to your nearest distributor to view our products in person.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not have our own showroom as we don’t sell direct to the market, however you will be able to view our product in person at any of our distributors.

What is Brodware doing to reduce its impact on the environment?

Being a company that is so heavily focused on the distribution of water, being made in a country where the preservation of and responsible management of water is so vital to a sustainable future, we are constantly focusing on our impact on the natural world around us and what we can do to reduce it.