Over five decades of manufacturing experience.

Since 1964 Brodware has been committed to design authenticity, innovation and quality, striving to apply this approach to all facets of our craftsmanship and service across 5 decades.

1964 Opened for business
1983 Released Neu England Collection
1987 Released Classique Collection
1992 Expanded Operations
1996 Released City Plus Collection
2003 Released City Stik Collection
2008 Released City Que Collection
2010 Released Brosmart Sensor Collection
2013 Released Winslow Collection
2014 Released Yokato Collection
2014 Yokato Good Design Selection
2014 Released Halo Collection
2017 Opened first & only Australian PVD facility for in-house coating
2017 Released Industrica Collection
2017 Industrica Good Design Selection
2017 Released Manhattan Collection
2018 Released Halo Marble Collection
2019 Released Yokato Disc Collection
2019 Released Nanobar Collection
2020 Released Halo X Collection
2022 Australian Made Certified