Selecting the right finish

We offer a wide selection of custom finishes that can be applied throughout our entire collection of architectural fixtures. This service enables us to customise and combine finishes and products in a variety of ways to suit your needs. With over 40 finishes including brushed, polished, rumbled and powder-coated textures; the possibility to create unique and tailored solutions are abundant.

inFinium PVD Organic Electroplate Powdercoat
Scratch & tarnish resistant
Withstands abrasion and corrosion
Organically changes colour over time
Features unique inconsistencies
Sustainable coating process
Finish fuses to material
Easy to maintain
Suitable for outdoor use

Infinium PVD

InFinium PVD is an advanced PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) hard coating technique involving the transfer of metallic material at an atomic level. Resistant to tarnishing, abrasion, corrosion, UV radiation and discolouration, InFinium PVD also offers a high level of hardness and sets the benchmark on wear resistance.


Brodware’s organic range consists entirely of living finishes which develop and evolve over time. Our organic finishes will age gracefully and develop a unique patina depending on the climate, exposure, handling, cleaning, and waxing routine that is established. Areas which are frequently touched will lighten into a light, golden colour; whereas areas which are rarely touched will age and darken. Individual components may be supplied with variation between them and will patina differently to one another over time. Watermarking, green oxidisation and spotting is normal and acceptable on organic finishes. If you are seeking a finish which doesn’t age and is supplied consistently, we recommend our PVD finishes shown above.

*Other organic finishes which are available on request include; Brushed Nickel Natural, Vecchio, Polished Copper Organic and Brushed Copper Organic.
Please contact our Customer Service team if you would like further information on these finishes.


Electroplating is the process of applying a liquid metal coating through an electro-deposition process. In electroplating, the deposited metal fuses to the base material, achieving a durable finish which is used widely across the industry.

*Other non-standard electroplate finishes which are available on request include; Matt Chrome, Aged Iron Electroplate, Brushed Gold Electroplate, Brushed Europlate, Polished Europlate, Platino Matt Electroplate, Bright Nickel Electroplate, Florentine Bronze Electroplate, Polished Rose Gold Electroplate & Brushed Rose Gold Electroplate.
Many of these finishes have a harder-wearing, scratch resistant alternative available within our PVD collection shown above.
Please contact our Customer Service team if you would like further information on these finishes.


Powdercoating is applied as a dry powder which is heated and formed into a protective layer. Although this creates a thick, hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, it does not fuse to the surface in the same capacity as other finishing techniques.

  • White (.84) White (.84)
  • Yellow (.83) Yellow (.83)
  • Red (.81) Red (.81)
  • Violet (.85) Violet (.85)
  • Blue (.86) Blue (.86)
  • French Blue (.87) French Blue (.87)
  • Green (.88) Green (.88)
  • Orange (.82) Orange (.82)
*Please, note that our Powdercoat finishes are only available within the Minim Collection