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The City Stik Collection

Interpretations of classic modernism and simple architectural forms are the hallmarks of the City Stik collection. The thin, minimal pin levers allow for ease of control, whilst remaining unobtrusive to the interior design of any space.  The design of this range provides a humble and inconspicuous, yet beautifully crafted and quality made fixture. The collection can also be tailored to substitute the standard pin lever with an extended or upswept version which offers greater ease of use, especially for children and those with limited hand mobility.

The City Stik collection works seamlessly across all of our finishes. When paired with lighter finishes such as chrome, nickel and swiss brass the range softly and seamlessly integrates into contemporary spaces, however when paired with some of our more saturated and darker finishes they can transform into a bold, statement piece.

Click here to see the City Stik wall set in a selection of our most popular finishes.


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